12 week online pre and post natal fitness


Pregnancy fitness classes start on the 29th April at 6.30pm for 12 weeks

Postnatal fitness classes start on the 13th May at 2pm for 12 weeks

Both classes are aimed at strengthening the body in a gentle and balanced way, they are Pilates based and are suitable for anyone who has been given the all clear to exercise during pregnancy or during the postnatal phase.

For the pregnancy fitness class you will need an exercise ball to sit on to do exercises but if you haven’t got one the exercises can be modified so that you can do them in a standing or seated position instead. For both classes it would be ideal if you have a yoga mat and 1 or 2m stretch band but it doesn’t matter if you do not. If you have any questions about the classes please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Private sessions are also available.

For more information please email: info@charlotte-jane.co.uk

Please note:

This program has limited numbers to make it more specialised for each person.

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Join in with our *new* & exciting online program!

This online program is perfect for anyone who wants to become part of a team of women who want to build a strong pre/postnatal body they can love and depend on.

Each week you will be given new exercises to challenge your body gently throughout your pregnancy or during your postnatal recovery.


It is essential that you have had your postnatal check and have been given the all clear to exercise by your midwife/GP. If you are interested in exercising during your pregnancy it is important that you get the all clear from your midwife/GP before starting any new exercise program.

If you are not sure if this program is suitable for you please email: info@charlotte-jane.co.uk


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