Pelvic Health Workshop


Are you currently suffering with pelvic floor issues?

This workshop is aimed at those with pelvic floor concerns, it aims to strengthen the pelvic floor to reduce the chance of prolapse and to improve or avoid stress incontinence. It is however, very important that you check with your GP, Midwife or other health professional before signing up to this workshop to make sure that it is suitable for you.

Dates for the start of this workshop will be released soon.



This workshop was intended to be a face-face group session. However, due to the current circumstance we plan to do an online workshop instead with lots of information on pelvic health, exercise videos and potentially a 6 week live online session.

The workshop is aimed at anyone who is currently suffering with any pelvic problems, specifically looking at pelvic floor issues. If you are not sure if this workshop is suitable for you please email me for more details.


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