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Lunchtime workshops

Hello, It’s February & things are finally looking up! We have spring on our doorstep and so many other things to look forward to. I’m currently running some online workshops, see below: These workshops are currently *FREE* for website members or just £5 for PAYG customers. They will all be taught live and most of […]

Zoom classes

Hello! I’m excited to announce that I’m starting a new block of classes: Monday 9.30-10am weights workout – starts 4th January – 22nd January Monday 6-6.45pm leg, glutes and core workout – starts 18th January – 22nd January Friday 10-11am The Leicestershire Golf Club Pilates – starts 8th January – 26th March Friday 5.30-6.30pm Pilates […]

Christmas classes

Hello! Happy New Year 😊 wishing you a happy & healthy 2021. Massive thank you to everyone who took part in one or more of my FREE Christmas zoom classes. Over the last two weeks I have ran a mixture of workout, stretch and Pilates classes to try and keep people moving over the Christmas […]

Hamilton’s Honour

Hey! If you’re reading this then I hope you’re doing well. I’ve got some exciting news to share 😃 From the 2nd December 2020 I will be working as a Personal trainer at Hamilton’s Honour based in Oadby, Leicester. Hamilton’s Honour is Leicester’s first boutique health and fitness studio. The gym boasts the newest technogym […]

Skinny jab!!

Hey, If you’re reading this I hope that you are doing well. There’s lots of information in the news recently about the changes that are happening in the fitness industry and why so many of us are depending on the gyms re-opening soon. Lots of people have fallen off their normal routine and are struggling […]


Quick tip.. How to improve your balance in 1 minute! I always teach a balance exercise at the end of every Pilates and stretch class that I do. Putting a balance exercise into your everyday life is the easiest thing you can do. You do not need to warm up or cool down to practise […]

Gym’s 2020

I have seen a lot happen in the fitness industry in the last 8 years and we are now going through the biggest change of them all. But can our gyms survive the pandemic? Lots of people have been working out at home during the pandemic and a lot of people have completely lost their […]

Text neck

Hey! Are you suffering with text neck? 🧐😢 Our heads weigh an average of 10-11lbs (4-5kg)! So it’s no surprise that we struggle to keep them up. We spend so much time on our devices – phones, Ipads and computers. Often with our head/neck in awkward positions, sometimes we end up hunched right over for […]

How to create a stand up desk

Hey! I have been getting a lot of messages from people who are struggling with their back due to being in uncomfortable positions when working during lockdown. I’m always trying to encourage people to look after their bodies instead of having to ‘fix’ them when things start going wrong. If you are reading this and […]

Gyms re-open 2020

As the restrictions are starting to lift, many of us are wondering when the gyms/leisure centres will re-open. It has been reported that many people have been exercising more during lockdown and may never actually return to the gyms once they re-open. I haven’t been working out at home (see my latest post about my […]

Back pain when sitting…

Hey, Thanks for checking out my website. You’re probably reading this because: 1) You sit a lot 2) You work at a desk 3) You get back pain 4) You don’t know what to do about it 5) All of the above I will NEVER EVER sit at a computer again, to find out why […]

Is it necessary to warm up?

Hey, Thanks for checking out my fitness page! I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on warming up before exercising. I think that it is really important to physically and mentally prepare the body for the exercise that it is about to do. A warm up should involve a pulse raiser to increase […]

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